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Learning is a fundamental human right. From the first time a caveman chucked a spear and built a fire, mankind has never stopped observing the world and unraveling its mysteries. The ability to learn is fascinating and is one of the primary drivers of human success and accomplishment.

Depending on who you ask, school can be as easy as pie or tough as nails. No matter what your child thinks of school, at Catapult Leanrning we believe that his or her education should be a growing experience! Learning is exciting, and our dedicated tutors want to show your child the endless merits of becoming really darn smart.

We use imagery of one of the oldest weapons known to man, the catapult, because it illustrates how a simple idea can grow and be improved on over the centuries. Catapults are the basis for all modern artillery and the quest to aim them with an increasing degree of accuracy and deadliness helped strengthen our understanding of math and sciences. It’s a practical, easy-to-see application of how discoveries can build upon and improve one another, which is exactly how learning should feel!

Launch your child’s education to new heights! Come by for a consultation with a member of our friendly, enthusiastic staff to determine where your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests lie. Together, we can work out a custom plan to help advance your child’s education.


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